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Historically, our factory has manufactured furniture since 1929. It makes more 80 years of being on the furniture market, of direct sales and individual work with clients. Participation in key exhibitions of the world gives us a good possibility to choose the most reliable suppliers and trace leading tendencies of world furniture production. That is why people who buy our furniture experience firsthand what real quality is.

The same experience shows, however, that in our modern world of technologies and high rates people rarely have enough time to learn of all strong points of the furniture. This leads to the situation when one has to choose a suitable furniture set for several months.

We created this site to facilitate your decision-making process while choosing furniture.

For the sake of convenience of search on our site, all the production is divided into 12 sections.

We produce our furniture using up-to-date equipment made in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and other countries. For our furniture we use ecologically pure modern materials.

We would like to share our knowledge with you, so you could learn of things that would make your choice of furniture reasoned and well grounded. Should any questions arise, we will be happy to answer.

Best regards,
IVANOV Anatol Andrei,
Director General,
“VIITORUL” furniture factory
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